Site Update: Recently Viewed/Read

To the side there are some new additions. I’ve decided to add ongoing lists of movies I’ve recently viewed and books I’ve recently read.

Why? I’m a strong believer that to write well you must also read as much as possible. Since I also do a great deal of screenwriting, watching movies similarly falls into this idea. Being well viewed and well read is a good thing.


I am not overly discerning in what I choose to watch in the world of film. Basically, I’ll watch anything once. So, if you see a movie on the list and think, “what the…” please don’t judge. Rather, I ask you to blame Netflix for a poor recommendation or maybe a night of insomnia.

I am not as lackadaisical about my book choices. I have clear preferences of genre and author, as well as my limits. Not that I won’t read outside my preferences, variety is a good thing.  However, you won’t see any of Stephenie Meyer’s books on my reading list. If you do, please end my misery quickly.


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