Writing a Lottery Ticket

Los Angeles, CA, the movie mecca of the world, is calling. Over this coming weekend, everything will go in the car and a long drive will unfold. I’m heading to Hollywood.

Why go to LA?

In a recent conversation with a friend about my writing aspirations I said, “my career is a lottery ticket.” It just so happens that the odds of my ticket paying out are much higher in Hollywood. This is primarily because I have two film degrees and most my writing is for film and television.

A big reason to go to LA is access. The movie business is there, and they are the money people who can pay screenwriters. That’s not to say people outside of Hollywood can’t pay screenwriters, it’s just far less likely. So, if you ever hope to be a professional screenwriter, sooner or later, Hollywood happens.

However, going to LA is just a beginning.

No Couch Surfing

Nope. Not even for a week. I am not hoping to sell a script in a few short days and return home. Rather, I will be seeking out internships for this fall. As much as selling my writing is the goal, I’ve got to eat sometime before then. While internships don’t often pay, they can lead to jobs that will.

At the very least, I’ll be adding to my basket of experience, which is great for writing.

Shameless Self Promotion

In honor of shameless self promotion, should you need an intern or know of a job opening, I’m available.

Or, if you have any advice about interning for the entertainment industry, feel free to drop me a note.


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