Welcome to California

I have officially survived my first full day in Los Angeles. Driving into California, through freeway traffic, and moving into a new apartment all in one day proved interesting. I also learned a few things about why the state of California is sometimes considered odd.

Forget the Banana

After crossing the California state border and driving a short distance, everyone will come to a stop. A mandatory inspection point waits for every car, truck, and limo. It seems a bit odd, and the guy tells me it is an agricultural inspection. I was glad to have finished my banana a few miles back.

Fortunately, a kind person warned me of this situation ahead of time. When I saw the bin full of apples and ugly fruit, I realized others were caught unaware.

I told the guy where I traveled from and let him take a look in the trunk of the car. Then, he let me go. The paranoia did not set in until a bit later.

Enforced by Aircraft

As I continued on my merry way toward Los Angeles, I tried to obey the speed limit. There are regular signs posting what the limit is and that it is ‘radar enforced’. I have nothing against speeding, but everything against paying a ticket. Driving went well until I passed this sign:

This is when the paranoia started to set in. I know speed is not all the aircraft enforce. They’re after the fruit smugglers, the dirty apples.

After a few quick breaths, my panic subsided. I realized a very important fact. A few weeks back I had decided not to start my miniature pecan tree farm because I realized there was no way to transport it in my small car. So, with relief, and visions of tiny trees, I drove into Los Angeles and hit traffic.

What Speed Limit?

The freeways of LA are notorious for being a bit crazy and dangerous. This seems to be true, but not to the extent that some people claim. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind about this assessment.

There are a lot of semi-trucks and fast cars on the freeway, and they basically cause all the turmoil. Also, the one guy that goes fifteen miles under the speed limit is a bit bothersome. Everyone else tends to drive as they do in any major city, aggressively.

What’s shocking is the complete disregard for the speed limit. Everyone, even a cop car two lanes over, went ten miles over the speed limit. Being new to town, and because of my qualms with paying traffic tickets, I played it safe.

As people passed me by, I began to wonder if they knew about the aircraft spying on them over head. Then, it hit me.

This is why people are so stressed on the roads of California. They have airplanes watching them drive everywhere. It’s like having an invisible backseat driver everywhere you go. I, however, know the truth about the agricultural inspectors up in those planes. Unfortunately, this means my miniature pecan tree farm is on a permanent hold. After this small depression passes, I should be okay.

Welcome to California.


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