Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

I have some news about the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, which is most definitely one of the right competitions to enter in the world of screenwriting. But, let’s start with…

What are the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting?

A proper explanation of the Nicholl Fellowships can be found on their official website. I recommend taking a minute to look around and read some of the history of the competition.

If perusing the website doesn’t tell you enough, the Nicholl Fellowship competition is a huge deal for any aspiring screenwriter. This Fellowship comes from the academy. Yes, the same people who hand out those awesome little gold statues known as the Oscars.

So, to win a fellowship is like catching the big one. It takes some skill and just the right amount of luck. If you wish to know more about the judging process, check out their Facebook page and read through the posts. It’s pretty informative.

Quarter Finalist

I made the quarterfinals in this year’s competition. While I have entered the competition before, this is the first time I have advanced. Being a Nicholl Quarter Finalist means being in the top 5% of entries. With over 6,300 entrants this year, that’s not too shabby.

Unfortunately, I did not advance to the next round of the competition. I admit that I am a bit disappointed to be knocked out of the running, however I did prepare for such things. Happily, I can always put “2010 Nicholl Fellowship Quarter Finalist” on the resumé.

The official list of all finalists from the Nicholl committee comes out in November. Best of luck to all of those still in the competition. If I’m still eligible, I’ll be back in competition next year.

Of course being ineligible would be awesome.


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