Habits Out of Place

It’s a terrible cliché to say that for a writer, writing must be a habit. It’s cliché because it’s true. It’s terrible because, well, I’m having a bit of trouble with…

My Habit

I have been writing, just not at the level I’d like to be working.

I try to write every day. It’s not always easy, productive, or even usable. But, it gets the words out. Eventually, those words will come out sounding decent and create a full piece of work. Much of that happens in rewriting, but that’s another post.

Mornings tend to be my preferred time to work. I like to just get up and get started. This also means leaving the house. I don’t work well from home. It’s too easy to find other exciting things to do. You know, like the laundry. So, I usually head out to some other spot. Preferably a noisy one.

For the last couple years, I went to the student union where I could easily get lost in the endless chatter. Being a graduate student, I was always avoided by the undergraduate population that filled the place. This odd phenomenon never made sense, but it provided a nice cushion of personal space. Maybe I looked professor-ish being a few years older, or perhaps I need a wardrobe update to fit in with the generation behind me.

And, this brings up my current difficulty. Yes, my casual dress is probably lacking some current style, but that’s not what I mean.

I’m having a tough time finding a good place to work.

Space for a Work Place

While settling into Los Angeles these last few weeks, I’ve still to find a good place to go and write. The student union is a plane ride away, so that’s rather inconvenient.

It’s common to see a half-dozen people at the corner coffee shop writing on their laptops, and I think I know why. While a coffee shop is a good noisy spot to sit and squeeze out a few pages, I think people go there because coffee shops are open at reasonable hours.

The libraries in Los Angeles are a different story.

As much as I love coffee and see a coffee shop as a decent spot to work, I’m not big on paying for the privilege. This lead me to a search for free alternatives.

The public library came to mind. Then, I found the hours of operation for Los Angeles Public Libraries. Let’s just say I’m surprised they get much use in the short time they’re open each week.

It looks like the library might work sometimes, but I’m still on the prowl for a good place to write.

Suggestions are welcome.


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