My Friendly Spud

Today was my official intern orientation. There is a lot to learn, and without question a lot to do. During the orientation a very important lesson presented itself.

Everybody is a Friend

I met many people today, and they all were nice. They were very friendly, and after a bit I began to wonder why. I’ll admit that suspicion tried to overtake my thoughts. How can a whole office be full of nice people? Am I being setup? What’s the catch?

I’ve worked in various places before, and none of them were completely full of nice people. Now, that’s not to say my previous places of employment were full of crabby, cantankerous co-workers. But, none of them were nice through and through, top to bottom. There’s usually at least one bad apple.

My suspicion refuses to let believe that this new office is any different from the others. Since it’s not the office, I had to wonder what else could be going on with all the niceness? That’s when I realized my first big lesson in Hollywood.

Intern Popularity

As an intern, you work for EVERYBODY. This realization is still settling.

Everybody was so friendly today because they’re nice people. But, they’re also so friendly because any of them can ask me to help them at any point in time. I don’t work for this department or that manager, I work for everybody. And, you know what?

I’m okay with that.

In fact, I like that I work for everybody. It just means that I get to meet more people and learn more things.

Favored Friends

While I don’t have any official allegiances among the people and divisions of the office, I do have a favorite. There’s one new co-worker that I’ve been fond of since the moment we met. It’s probably because we have a few things in common.

I’m over six feet tall. He’s over six feet tall. I always try to be cheery. He always is cheery.

See what I mean:

How could we not get along?

Now I just need to find a bowler hat.


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