Failing Fall

Yesterday was the official first day of fall, one of my favorite seasons. Of course, there are only four seasons to choose from.

Shift and Drift

I have lived in several places across the U.S. and experienced several different weather climates. The fall season shift maintains some common occurrences in all these locations.

Fall is a time for cooler weather. It can be a shift from scalding summer temperatures to more mild and manageable daily highs, or it can be a shift from mild weather to something a bit more chilly.

In my experience, fall is sweater weather most everywhere. The climate just dictates if you wear that sweater with pants or shorts and flip-flops.

See the Colors

The colors of fall are often cited when people talk of the shifting cooler season. I too love what plant life does in the fall.

Some of the most colorful plants I’ve ever seen appear during fall.

No, I did not use a red marker to color that leaf. However, if you’ve ever wondered why leaves do this, as I always have, here is a solid explanation.

Sometimes the color changes of fall aren’t so varied. The fall seasons of my childhood meant that things would return to their nice green colors. Where I grew up the summer heat is so intense everything goes dormant. The grass turns brown just to survive the summer months.

Green, red, or yellow, the colors of fall are always appreciated.

Failing Fall

So, how does Los Angeles hold up to other fall seasonal changes?

Failure. Plain and simple. Los Angeles is a fall season disaster. Why? Because they don’t have a fall season. I asked around, and everyone says the same thing.

The weather in Hollywood is nice. The temperature is always mild. The grass always green. But, it never changes. It’s boring.

So, being weather bored on the first day of fall, I decided to go to the near by palm tree. I looked that tall tree up and down and asked him what his thoughts were about the fall season.

All I got was a dirty look and some snickering. Figures.

Then again, maybe he doesn’t speak English. Anybody speak palm tree?


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