The Movies

I went to the movies twice this weekend, and I saw two great films. Buried and the social network were both wonderful in different ways. Go see them, it’s worth it. Show some support for two solid writers: Chris Sparling and Aaron Sorkin.

So the movies, like many other things, are just a bit different in Los Angeles.


First off, opening weekend of any movie you’ll want to get your tickets early. This is Hollywood. People love movies here and they do sell out. Early.

I was invited to go see the social network Friday night, but the tickets sold out before I could get one. I ended up going Sunday afternoon. So, buy tickets online ahead of time. Lesson learned.

Of course at the theater, there was another lesson about-


When I went to see Buried the process was a bit different. I bought my ticket and was asked to pick my seat. It was much like a concert or an airplane.

They pull up a little chart on a touch screen and ask you to pick your seat. Then you get that row and number printed on the ticket, and that’s your seat. Thankfully it’s not too much like a concert or airplane otherwise you’d have to pay extra for the good seats. Then again, maybe they should discount the front row seats. I hate the front row.

Movie seats with numbers seem a bit strange, but I suppose I see why it’s like that here. As I said, movies sell out pretty frequently in Los Angeles.

I wonder what happens if you don’t sit in your assigned seat? I bet they keep a bouncer on call.

Maybe next time I’ll be daring and find out.


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