Look, A Pier

Over the last weeks, I’ve slowly found time to explore more of Los Angeles and the West coast. Not too long ago, I went to-

The Beach

It was nice. The sand, the cool breeze, and the smell of the ocean just find a way into the mind. It’s relaxing.

Until you step into the water.

That’s when you tense up with curled toes. The Pacific is cold, which probably explains why the only people in the water were surfers in wet suits.

So, I enjoyed the wet sand and a few smooth stones found along the surf as I walked along. I was then pleasantly startled by-

A Ferris Wheel

On the beach? Yes, there’s a ferris wheel by the beach.

It’s on the Santa Monica pier. I rather enjoyed walking along the pier. It’s festive.

There are rides, fried food, fishing, and carnies. Okay, so maybe I’m improperly classifying the employees at Pacific Park. Perhaps they’re properly called amusement park employees. But don’t get me wrong, I consider carny classification to be a compliment. Why?

Carnival employees are well-traveled and tell some of the best stories. In many ways, they’re kin to one of my other favorite groups of people-

Street Performers

They are just awesome. Awesome physical feats, awesome musical creations, or even just awesomely bad. Street performers live to entertain.

The Santa Monica Pier had a nice variety of their own.

There was a singer, a possible stripper in a cop outfit, and even a puppeteer. Yes, a puppeteer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t hold up next to the most interesting performer I came across:

See the puppeteer in the back? You might have been distracted by the woman in the bubble wrap dress. Yes, it’s all bubble wrap.

You might also notice how she is standing rather oddly. Well, she was actually prancing along much like a ballerina crossing a stage. The best I can figure is that she was afraid to pop the bubbles on her dress.

Oh life on the pier, it’s full of stressful situations.


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