Austin Film Festival – Preparations

Over this up coming weekend, I will be attending the Austin Film Festival & Conference. I’m hoping to learn, have some fun, and network my Nicholl Fellowship Quarter Finalist script as much as possible. But, before I go, there are some necessary…


I did attended the Austin Film Festival (AFF) a couple of years ago, so I’m somewhat familiar with the event. There are several things I’ve learned about how to navigate this fun weekend.

Previously, I went on a weekend badge, which was great, and this time I find myself with a Producer’s Badge. The nice thing about this upgrade is I can go to any and all events, especially the parties. However, so much opportunity requires scheduling before hand.

AFF has a solid tool to help with this and I recommend trying it out. You can even export your schedule from online and put it into your own mobile calendar. Unfortunately, even with this helpful scheduler some tough choices are still required.

While I wish I could attend everything, there are a couple of things I’m particularly excited about. The Pixar panel should be extremely interesting. I’m also pretty excited for the…

Round Tables

I did not go to any of these at the last festival, but I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Essentially, it’s like speed dating with professionals in the entertainment industry. My understanding is that the attendees sit at a series of tables in a large room, and the guests of honor (agents, managers, screenwriters, executives, etc.) rotate around the room. I suppose it’s a bit more like speed networking. In any case, I’m looking forward to some candid conversations.

There’s also another place many conversations take place…

The Bar

Specifically the one in the Driskill Hotel, which is pretty much the AFF base of operations. The Driskill bar is the place everyone hangs out when not attending events.

All in all, it’s bound to be a fun and busy weekend.

I hope to see you there. Maybe we can have a drink together.


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