Austin Film Festival – Recap

It’s over. The Austin Film Festival has wrapped up, and my visit was great. There were also a few new lessons learned.


It worked out well to have a plan ahead of time. The conference over the weekend was packed with opportunity, and I wish I could have done more. However, I did miss some of the roundtables I had hoped to attend.

They only allow you to sign up for one roundtable when you check in. This bummed me out a bit because the one I was most excited to attend had already filled up. So, I signed up for another one.

When I went to the roundtable, I discovered something not so surprising. The sign up doesn’t really mean much. While it does guarantee you a spot, you can still get in without being on the list. You just have to show up early.

A basic rule of thumb, show up early to anything you wish to attend and you’ll probably be able to. The schedule, the sign up, the rules, they are not the final say.

How can this anarchy work so well? It’s because of…

The People

Everyone was incredibly nice at the festival. All the volunteers and organizers, all the attendees, and even the local street people were just plain polite as can be.

It was nice to meet others from around the world. There were some from Austin, others from Hollywood, and even one nice man who’s been living in Paris for the last ten plus years.

So, if any new acquaintances are stopping by, welcome. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Oh, and the panels were great, too. Pixar was awesome.

I will definitely be attending the festival again next year. Now, I need to catch up on some sleep.


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