Fire Drill

Just when you thought the fun was over, Los Angeles brings back the

Fire Drill

The other day we had a fire drill. Why? Well apparently, if you live in a high-rise building, in Los Angeles, you’re required to have a practice drill at least once a year.

Lucky me!

Seriously. Back in school, fire drills were the best. You got to go outside for a few minutes. You got to miss class. You got to walk in a line. Walking in a line is very underrated. The challenge was always to try to trip the person in front of you, or give them a flat tire, without getting tripped up by the person behind you. It’s a game only six-year-olds appreciate.

Unfortunately, adult fire drills just don’t live up to the fond memories of childhood. All you get is

A Blue Tent

Plus some cheap donuts, a crappy cup of coffee, and the chance to run late for work. It’s a good thing interns work for free because I was definitely behind schedule.

I would have had some crappy coffee had there been any left. They ran out. No donuts either. All the retirees got to it first. They move fast when free food is involved.

So, I was late and hungry. What a mess of a morning. I cheered up later though when I gave someone a flat tire.

Next time you’re walking down the hall and that ‘accidentally’ happens to you, it’s probably a safe bet the culprit survived a morning fire drill.


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