Something to Ignore

I find that I always seem to have something that I need to do but keep putting off. It’s oddly helpful for my writing to always have something to ignore. There’s just some strange motivation in knowing I should be doing something else.

However, this can be a dangerous path to walk. There are some things you simply cannot, and should not, ignore just to help your writing. Foremost on the list of things to never ignore:


Others are just simply too important to ignore… usually. Especially if you’re in a relationship. Spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and the like will simply destroy you if you choose to ignore them for writing. Besides, who is more important: the very real and wonderful person you’re with, or the imaginary friends you talk to in your head?

On second thought, don’t answer that. It might lead you toward a never-ending therapy session.

In any case, I would recommend not ever ignoring a close relationship, family, or good friend in need just to get a little writing done.

Other acquaintances are still on the chopping block.

Life Necessities

I also find it hard to justify ignoring the general necessities of life for writing. Food, water and shelter are a must have. These things are unfortunately not free, so it’s good to pay those bills.

Of course to pay bills you need some sort of income, which is why I’ve been desperately searching for employment. The end of my amazing internship approaches in the next few weeks. After that, it’s survival time. So, finding a job is something I must do. Right now. Wish me luck.

I also must find a new place to live. Since the school related program I’m participating in will soon be over, they’ll be kicking me to the curb from their housing. What have I discovered so far about housing in LA? Finding an apartment is easy. Finding an apartment for a price and in a great neighborhood, not so easy. Especially when you don’t yet have a job.

So, to my five frequent readers out there. I apologize for being gone so long from this blog. I’ve not forsaken you for no reason, but merely to spend time finding those life necessities and spend time with some important people.

That and for Thanksgiving, which was awesome. Except for the fact that LA is too far from home to bring back left overs.

I could really go for some pie.




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