Nicholl Fellowship: Internet Official!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I made the quarter finalist round of the Nicholl Fellowship this year. They’ve now posted the names for all the finalists online, making this announcement-

Internet Official!

But, what does that really even mean? Does it mean that things are not properly real and true if they are not announced online? Could the internet be the final say on the truth in our current world?

I sure as heck hope not. If it is, then I could learn to run on water. After that, who knows what might be possible? Flight without wings? Coffee without cups? A perpetual motion machine? Stylish plaid knickers?

Then again, maybe it might not be too bad. I could rock the knickers while enjoying cupless coffee and watching the perpetual motion machine in mid-wingless-flight. I suppose that would be okay. But, only a Tuesday evening. And, as long as we all remember not to believe everything we read online, especially in blogs. Like this one.

But really, I’m telling the truth. The title of the script is “Finding Normal”. You’re even welcome to read it, just send me an email.


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