Star Struck

I never found myself star struck during my first few months in Hollywood. I had experienced no jaw dropping, no drooling, and no mad dashes to try and out photo the paparazzi. Those first few months were simple.

Of course, that all went down hill a few weeks ago.

HRTS Luncheon

During the last days of my internship, I was invited by my boss to go to a luncheon where several prominent TV show runners would be speaking. The only requirement was that I had to dress business casual which is not the norm at our office. Our office is actual casual.

So, why did I have to dress up? Because the luncheon was here:

Yes, I had lunch at the Beverly Hilton. But, seeing this sign did not make my jaw drop. I’ve been to a Hilton before, and they are nice places.

No, things changed when we went inside the hotel to the ballroom where the luncheon took place. We sat at our table, and during the usual small talk someone dropped into the conversation that this ballroom is the same place they host the Golden Globes. Yes, those Golden Globes.

My lower mandible nearly fell into my nicely plated lunch.

Of course, that was just the beginning. While my mouth was laying around in two pieces, the drooling didn’t start until about two weeks later.

That’s when I found myself on-

The Disney Lot

Which, in spite of the rainy weather, was pretty awesome.

Thankfully, the rain helped to mask the drool dripping from my mouth as I day dreamed about all the things that have happened on that piece of ground. The movies, the cartoons, the shows I grew up with.

It was a pretty special moment.

Of course when I started to come out of my awe-struck haze, I realized that I was getting pretty wet. That’s when I had my first official celebrity sighting!

As the rain fell harder, I looked up at Jiminy Cricket. All I could think was, “didn’t that guy have an umbrella?”

Who says it never rains in Los Angeles.


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