Did Cookie Lose His Cool?

One of my all time favorite heroes in life has to be Cookie Monster. Why? Because he’s a creature after my own stomach. Our favorite food group is cookies.

And cookies are the fuel that drives the creativity in my writing.

So, you’ll understand my despair, my pain, when I found out the other day that Cookie Monster now considers cookies to only be a sometimes food. Did Cookie lost his cool?

Other Options

I understand that he’s getting older, but that’s no reason to give up hope. Could Cookie’s change of pallet be part of a midlife crisis?

In my state of despair, I began to research options. There simply had to be a way for Cookie Monster to remain pure to the cookie.

If it’s health concerns, there are oatmeal raisin cookies or other recipes with fruit. Worried about sugar intake, use a sugar substitute. Not getting enough protein? Bacon chocolate chip cookies are wonderful. Worried about health and protein? Turkey bacon chocolate chip cookies are half-decent.

But still, what could possibly force a monster of such long and virtuous devotion to change his mind?

Peer Pressure

Once I saw this video, it all became clear.

Cookie Monster was the victim of an unnecessary intervention. He succumbed to the peer pressure of those that invaded his home. He lost his free will to talking fruit. Since when did fruit start talking?

It was sad, sad – and confusing – times.


Of relief! When this video came out over the holidays my stomach came to rest.

I get it now. The boss of Sesame Street told Cookie Monster that he had to change his ways because he’s modeling for our youth. Cookie has to set a good example, something like Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods.

So thankfully, it’s all just Cookie’s new kid-friendly personality while he’s on the job. If he had truly given up the way of the cookie, a deep depression would fall upon me.

Now, if only somebody at Sesame Street can explain how talking fruit fits into all this…


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