Apartment Hunting: Part One – Humans In Disguise

A while back, the calendar snuck up on me, slapped me around, and reminded me that it was time to start looking for a new apartment. In Los Angeles, apartment hunting is quite an adventure.

Humans in Disguise 

The apartment hunt began a few weeks ago when I made a trip to nearby Pasadena for the annual Transformers convention known as BotCon.

I have never been to a Con – short for convention, for those unaware – of any kind. They have them for darn near everything: video games, movies, toys, comics, and even all that plus bacon.

BotCon moves locations each year, and this time it just happened to be in Los Angeles’ backyard. So, while driving to go look at Transformers, I decided to also check out the neighborhood.

First impressions were good, but the question came along:

Do I Fit in Here? 

While I pondered this query, I went into BotCon for a very eye-opening experience.

Wow. That’s an impressive costume. Or was it a costume? Is Pasadena full of robots? Or humans in disguise?

I continued to wander and consider. The more people I saw at BotCon, the more I came to realize one thing – nobody fits in here. Each and every person was unique and odd and half robot and stuck out. Yet, because of this, none of them stuck out.

So, by not fitting in at BotCon, I did fit in. Even with this guy:

What? I’m tall, too.

To Live in Pasadena 

The question still remained: do I want to live in Pasadena? Most self-deluded Los Angeles residents do not, will not, cannot consider Pasadena to be part of the city. If they’re feeling super kind, they might call it a suburb. Many refer to Pasadena as boring.

I’m not sure I entirely agree with such a ruling. Pasadena is a lovely town. There are some truly nice and quite neighborhoods there, and, with the Los Angeles city sprawl, it pretty much runs into the rest of town.

Of course, maybe Pasadena doesn’t want to be considered part of Los Angeles. Perhaps there is a secret city-town feud.

Also, Pasadena is a bit of a commute. And, ultimately, that was the issue. I did not want to sit in the ridiculous LA traffic for multiple hours a day. Plus, unless I’m directly targeted, I try my best to stay out of feuds. They’re tiring.

Speaking of tiring, the apartment hunt continued…

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