Apartment Hunting: Part Two – The Bowl

It’s alive! The city of Los Angeles is alive, and so am I.

I’ve been out of touch for a number of reasons: apartment hunting is tough, blogging from a cardboard box is difficult – there is no electricity or internet unless you can afford the upgrades, and, most importantly, I had a wedding to attend – my own. More on that later.

Apartment hunting and wedding planning is difficult to do all at once, so it worked out well to divide and conquer with the soon-to-be wife. The housing search was left to me. She was pretty excited when I thought I had found a potential place for us to live.

I called her up and shared all the good news: it’s spacious and roomy, plenty of light, great views, lots of storage space, central location, and even a built-in high-quality audio-visual system! She liked the sound of that and encouraged me to go check it out in person.

So, I teamed up with a friend and went to check it out:

The Hollywood Bowl 

That’s right, I went to see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. And, also, to check it out as a potential living locale.

Let me tell you, the ads were right. The space is fantastic. You don’t even realize how big it is from the outside. The views – wow. Just look at the giant skylight:

And, the location is fantastic. It’s central to Hollywood and my office in Burbank. Cutting down on commutes for both work and play is a huge selling point in Los Angeles.

I was feeling good about the Hollywood Bowl.

And then the music started…

Sounds of the Neighborhood 

The concert for the evening was part of the KCRW’s World Festival series highlighting several artists from Japan. While it was not the type of music I generally listen to, it was fun. The crowd enjoyed everything, and I found the experience opening my ears to new tunes.

With the cool evening breeze, a beautiful sunset, and some great tunes, I was beginning to think this might be the place. I might have found the great spot to live in Los Angeles.

My calm, cultured moment was wrecked by the most horrible sound I have ever heard.

It sounded like someone strangling a drowning baby dodo bird. With the zoo nearby, it didn’t seem completely out of the question that an over active, dodo-phobic strangler on the loose. But then, the awful screeching continued.

I realized the noise was coming through the speakers, from the stage, and emanating from Yoko Ono. Yes, the Yoko Ono was on stage – singing. At least, they called it singing. It reminded me of my tone-deaf neighbors who would drunkenly sing karaoke loudly on weekend nights, only they sounded better.

In addition to singing, Yoko was their to ask for donations to support earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. While I completely support her cause, I do not care for her sales technique. I was ready to donate just to get her to stop singing!

Reconsidering the Bowl 

While heading back to the car after the concert, I began to reconsider the Hollywood Bowl.

The noise in the neighborhood would always be hit-or-miss. I’m sure on many nights the music would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I just don’t think I could handle another Yoko Ono experience.

The skylight was fantastic. but, when the few annual rain storms come through, a lack of roof could be disastrous. Giant built-in video screens just don’t make up for sopping wet furniture.

And, there’s also the lack of privacy. I love knowing my neighbors, but having random people just show up to your house for a concert several nights a week is a bit much.

The final thing that soured me on the Hollywood Bowl was the cost. I mean, wow, space does not come cheap in Los Angeles. It’s about twenty dollars to rent just one cheap seat for one evening. Imagine how much that comes to for the whole place, for a whole month. I can’t afford that!

So, unfortunately, I was till on the hunt for a new place to live.

The search continued…


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