Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting: 2011

A quick update on the 2011 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

A Step Forward 

I made the semi-finals!

Which is one step farther than last year. I’m very proud, and I’ve learned a few new things. First, the rewriting I did on “Finding Normal” worked. Second, the official list of all the finalists was distributed, probably today. How do I know? Well, that leads to the final lesson…

You get a lot more emails when you are a semi-finalist than when you are a quarter-finalist. It seems a bit odd to me, but I’ve already had many requests today. At this rate, I’ll have more read requests in the next week than I did all of last year. Talk about progress!

If you’re interested in reading, please email me directly: And… I’m nosy, so please let me know a bit about yourself in the email.

I should go celebrate! Maybe some drinks, some cake… Wait. I know. I’ll go write some more, and have cake, and some drinks. Hmm… Maybe a story about a cake – with a drinking problem! Perhaps that’s how Rum Cake was invented…

Also, a huge congratulations to the ten finalists for this year. I wish you all great success.


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