A Rare Thing

It’s a rare rainy day here in LA, so I thought I’d do another rare thing — write a blog post.

In the last months, I’ve come to realize why so many blogs, personal or otherwise, tend to fade away after a bit of time. Blogs are a bit of work to keep going. When a blog is more of a hobby, like this one, the many busy things in life can get in the way. So, what has been getting in the way of my blog?

Life Happens 

There’s been plenty happening in the last six months or so. I’m now married, moved into a new apartment with the wife, and I’m also making ground on becoming a paid screenwriter.

Reflecting on marriage, it’s been one of the greatest choices of my life. If your going to have a roommate, why not make it the one person you want to be with all the time. Plus, there are other fringe benefits…

Like I now live with a cat. And, no, I did not marry the cat. I married the cat owner. It was a package deal. I think they got the raw end of things.

The new apartment has become a home with the three of us living here and making it cozy. It was a bit of an ordeal to find a place, and LA has some odd apartment issues, but now we’re pretty well settled in. Here’s hoping they don’t raise the rent when the lease comes up again.

As far as progressing in the writing world, the Nicholl Fellowship semi-final listing has brought good luck into my life. There is continued interest in my screenplay, and a few meetings on the books as well.

Additionally, the show I work on will sneak peek this weekend, more details to come later. Hopefully it does well, my day job as a script coordinator on the show might lead to a paid writing gig in the future.

Even more important, I have another feature film spec near completion. It should be ready to venture out into the world early next year. Interested? You’ll just have to wait and see.

So, where does this leave things with the blog?

Blog to the Future 

I will be changing things up around here. Generally, stories will probably be shorter and perhaps slightly more personal in nature. Depending on if I had an odd or even number of cornflakes that morning, there might be more or less absurdity. I’ll also have to take into account the lunar position. There could also be less fiction, unless we’re talking about ice cream trucks. The general hope — posts will be more frequent.

Is this new strategy a good choice?

Well, perhaps. More likely, I should probably go ahead and apologize in advance for making a complete fool of myself. It is also quite possible that this blog will become exponentially less focused and more random. Please enjoy.

Should you have any questions, as brevity is often the evil nemesis to clarity, please just ask. If you feel a need to point out a lack of absurdity or embellishment, please visit the complaint department. (Full disclosure, I run the complaint department. Why I can’t get promoted to another department, my boss simply won’t say.)

Thank you, dear reader, for sticking around. I know there are two of you left, and that’s admirably insane.


2 thoughts on “A Rare Thing

  1. Hi Zac. As a hopeful writer-to-be and fellow WordPress blogger, I would just like to say I very much enjoyed your most recent post. I try to write as often as possible, but life does get in the way at times. For me, there would be more motivation to post if there was some type of reassurance that my blog was read. So I hope this comment finds you well, and spreads some inspiration your way.

    All the best,


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