Unusual Good Tidings

Every Wednesday I make an attempt to Tweet Unusual Good Tidings, which immediately brings us to the question, “What is that all about?”

Well, first, please feel free to follow me (@GloryLollyTree) and read some past Unusual Good Tidings.

It Started with Elbows 

When I first signed up for a Twitter account, I honestly had no idea what to say in this odd short form. Microblogging is a foreign language. Thankfully, it is a foreign language easily learned.

I recalled the most unusual compliment I’ve ever received, and found it the perfect thing to share in 140 characters or less.

“You have great elbow skin,” a college friend once told me. Somehow, in the dorms during sophomore year, a conversation about elbow skin started, and I walked into the middle of it. It was my honor to win the coveted “great elbow skin” award during that conversation, and I still keep the plaque on my wall to this day. To make public my achievement, I began tweeting unusual good tidings such as this.

Other unusual compliments and bearings of strange news began to follow:

“May you find one extra sock on laundry day.”

“Your car runs quite well, even in two pieces.”

“You have a lovely left ear. Do you paint?”

…and many other odd well wishes. See my Twitter feed for today’s most current strange tidings.

While some Unusual Good Tidings are true compliments I’ve received or given, others are about as real as the plaque hanging on my wall.

Feel free to share some of your own Unusual Good Tidings.


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