Holiday Ghost Town

It’s a strange week in Hollywood. It’s the week where LA seems… different.

The Hollywood Ghost Town 

This week before the winter holidays (Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus, and New Years Eve) always makes LA seem vacant. School is out, both the universities and the grade schools. People travel to exotic locales – people, not me. And, most importantly, the entertainment business takes a nice two-week vacation starting around the middle of December. Those of us left in town, us lucky folks struggling to make it, tend to work a few days longer. However these are the best days to be on the job.

With the bosses gone, parties happen. Food and drinks pour into the break room for all to share. Lunch hour becomes lunch hours. And cookies are found everywhere. Most amazingly, the traffic thins out. That’s right, this strange week is the one time of year you can get across town in a reasonable amount of time. It really is a magical season!

The question is, why does everyone leave town? How come nobody seems to stay in Hollywood for the holidays?

This is because the second question everyone asks you in LA, after they find out what you do and if you can help their career, is “Where are you from?” It soon becomes clear that nobody is actually from Hollywood. They might be from Orange County or the Valley, but not from Hollywood itself. If such people exist, they don’t seem to be in any mad rush to claim their birthplace.

So, everyone leaves town to go home and visit friends and family. Or, they happen to be one of the aforementioned people in an exotic locale that offers complimentary drinks, a free massage and giant plush toys for companionship –

Personally, I’d rather visit family and friends. Talking teddy bears have always bothered me. For some reason, they all seem to have a pocket lint collection… but no pockets. And, there’s always one piece of lint that looks like Abe Lincoln’s head.

I wonder who’s pocket grows Abe Lincoln lint?


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