2011: Viewed, Read, and Watched

I spent the holidays back home with friends and family. It was a wonderful time catching up on stories, seeing people, and eating too much food.

One of the more interesting conversations happened with my six-year-old nephew. The kid is a bit too smart for his own good, and we fell into a good old fashion name calling contest. While I attempted to keep up, because I apparently have mud-for-brains, my nephew laid me out with this one: “You’re a Christmas tree that doesn’t light up.”


Thankfully I can still claim a serious height advantage, and I picked him up by his ankles. It’s still unclear if I was getting even.

But, this did get me to thinking…

Are the lights burnt out on the Glorified Lollipop Tree? 

This blog has not been updated much since it’s inception. Heck, I’m not all that great at keeping up with regular posts let alone with updating the overall site.

So, in a hope to be more than a Christmas tree that doesn’t light up, things will be changing, at least a little bit.

For now, I’m updating the lists of books recently read, movies recently watched, and TV recently viewed. Feel free to see what I read and watched over the course of the most recent calendar year:

Movies Viewed in 2011 

Books Read in 2011 

TV Viewed in 2011 

Looking over these updated lists, I realize that I definitely did not read enough books last year. Chances are, the tree lights won’t turn on because I blew out a circuit breaker by running my ancient tube television all day long. Look at that list of TV viewed last year, those are full seasons of each show. That’s literally hours upon hours of time.

Maybe if I watch a little less TV, this blog can light up again? What the heck, let’s try it.

Who knows, I might even get upgraded to being a cheeseburger without any cheese.


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