Piracy: Set Sail for the Internet

Currently there is a massive debate across the web over intellectual property theft. Or if you wish to set sail on the high seas, most people refer to it as piracy. Arg!

Why would you become a pirate? 

There are many facets to the arguments about whether the piracy of films, television shows and music on the internet is wrong. This debate has been happening for longer than many would be willing to admit (going on at least twenty years by my count). I personally feel piracy is wrong. Please, stop stealing.

However, what I’m currently curious about is how a person decides that piracy is for them. On the internet, you won’t be shanghaied or enslaved by a creepy guy with a sword. So, what persuades a person to raise the skull and crossbones and download that watermarked film with poor compression and bad sound?

If only I could hear and follow the inner thought process of a pirate… Avast! That’s pretty much impossible.

While I could be wrong, it seems that the likely important point is that there is a free or no cost option to obtain content. At least, it’s free to the person pirating the content — so long as they don’t end up on the gallows — Arg! This seems to be the key element because people almost always choose the path of least resistance. In this case, free provides less resistance on a person’s wallet — and more booty for the treasure chest!

But is it as simple as that? Is piracy merely a crime of convenience? I certainly hope this isn’t the case.

What say ye?


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