About the Recently Lists

You may notice there are several lists on the side column of this blog (although mobile and iPad may not display them). From time to time I have people ask me about these lists: Why do I keep them? What are the links? Well, let me explain.


As many other writers have noted, an aspiring writer should write as much as possible and read as much as possible. There are many good reasons for this, and it mostly comes down to knowing your medium. Photographers study photographs, painters look at paintings and writers read – a lot.

Since I am pursing a career specifically in screenwriting, I also watch a lot of movies and television because that’s the hopeful result of any screenplay. I try to be a good student of on-screen entertainment.

I like to keep a list of movies and television I watch and books I’ve read just for my own personal satisfaction. It’s a bit interesting to look back at each year and recall all the different stories I’ve exposed myself to in the prior months. Sometimes I watch things related to what I’m working on, and sometimes I just watch things for fun. I chose to put these lists on the blog simply to share with others what I have been absorbing.

The lists do not include everything I consume. I try to only list something if I have not seen or read it before. I have many repeat viewings and readings, but listing the redundancy seems a bit silly to me. It seems even more silly if I happen to be studying the same three movies over-and-over to break down their structure. There would be huge chunks of repeated Pixar titles on the movie list if I listed my repeated consumption.

Additionally, I read a fair amount screenplays and do not have a list for them due to confidentiality. Part of my job allows me to read scripts which I cannot openly talk about.

Links and Why I Won’t Give Reviews 

Many titles on the Recently Lists are linked to an Internet Movie Database page. I chose to do this because occasionally I watch lesser known movies or shows.

I have had people think the links would be to a review of the movie or show, and I apologize for any confusion.

The truth is that I will not write-up a movie or television review on this blog. That is simply not the purpose of my site. I feel there are already a plethora of critiques across the internet for any movie or TV show.

I will give one caveat: if anyone personally contacts me to ask my opinion, I may provide my thoughts to that person.

There’s one promise I can make about the Recently Lists – they will continue to grow.


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