The Dreaded Hiatus

TV lovers know there is a long break between the seasons of a show appearing on their television screens. In television production, that long wait is not merely a frustrating time to search through reruns or catch up on that never-ending Netflix instant queue. Rather, that break between seasons is known in the production world as the dreaded…

Production Hiatus 

The break between seasons of a show on our TV screens often does not coincide with the production break between seasons. However, there are some interesting similarities in what both the audience goes through and the production team experiences during a hiatus. The main common ground comes down to one thing: anxiety.

What will happen next? When will the next season start? These are concerns we have when on hiatus. It can be slightly stressful. Of course there is the even bigger question that eats at an audience: will there be another season? If that question eats at the audience, it literally plagues the production teams that make the show. For those of us that work to make a show, finding out if there will be another season is about more than keeping the story going for our favorite characters. It’s about knowing if there will be a paycheck, if there will be a way to pay the bills, a way to put food on the plate. Frankly, it’s down right scary.

But we all know this going into a television job. If a show doesn’t return, then it’s simply time to find a new one. While the audience may only need to change the channel to see what else is on, production teams have to brush up their resumes and hustle. In fact, it is a good habit to search for a new job whenever the end of a season is coming up.

Recently (sort of… I’m way behind on my blogging), I survived my first production hiatus. I was given a one-week notice that my job would be ending… and that was terrible news. The rumor was that there might be another season of the show I’d been working on, but it was unclear when that would be. This is what they call “being on the bubble”, and nobody wants their bubble to burst. Basically, don’t get your hopes up in that situation. Additionally, it was not clear if my job would be around in the potential next season due to… let’s just call it outsourcing of a sort.

So, I networked as much as possible and landed a few interviews. And, unfortunately, those interviews did not go well. One of the interviews was so terrible I was actually glad when they did not give me the job. The other interview was okay, but I was not picked. It was disappointing… sort of like never knowing how a TV series ends because it was prematurely canceled.

But then sometimes things work out.

My show was picked up for a full second season. You can read the official press release here. I was also offered the chance to return to the show with a minor promotion. There’ll be more on that… next time.

For now, I am gratefully employed!


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