Promoting Promotions: Writers’ Assistant

After the thankful end of my show’s hiatus, I’ve been extremely busy at work. And that extra work has finally paid off with a…

Promotion Glorified Lollipop Tree - Shaded - Tiny

That’s right, I’m moving on up… or at least over. I suppose it’s slightly on a diagonal. It’s up and sideways.

After working for a season as a script coordinator on a kids animated television series, I have been promoted to the position of Writers’ Assistant. At least that’s what it’ll say in the credits.

Writers' Assistant

If the title doesn’t give it away, the job is all about assisting the writers on the show. Sometimes I help do research to answer unusual story-related questions, or I will compile synopses for episodes that have already been written. I’ve even been asked to read writing samples from potential freelance writers. Basically I am there to do anything the writers need help with–including fetching coffee. Fortunately none of the writers I work for ask me to make coffee runs… there’s a reason I gave up the food service industry after my very first job at a sandwich shop. Let’s just say there was some crying over spilt mustard.

In addition to these new responsibilities, I also still perform all the same script coordinator duties as before. Our production runs a rather small crew, so I play double duty. Usually the positions of script coordinator and writers’ assistant are two separate jobs, especially on live action shows. Once again animation proves to be a different sort of beast.

Time to get back to work. I’ve also been extremely busy for other reasons, and I hope to share that news next time.


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