Post Follow Up Gig Thoughts

It has been several weeks since I completed my most recent freelance writing assignment. Since then, I’ve been busy with other things, but now seems like a good time for my —

Post Assignment Thoughts glorified lollipop tree - tiny

This was my second freelance writing gig and it was a bit different from my first… but it was also somewhat similar. And that’s the main thing I’ve come to learn from this writing experience, this career will always be the same but different.

When it comes to taking on a freelance TV episode, there’s a chance I could be working with a new editor… or one I’ve worked with before. I could end up writing for a new show… or one I’ve written for before. It’s possible I may land an assignment where I’m working on a new show with new people and the entire experience will be new. But I can guarantee that I’ll never have the exact same assignment twice because…

The story will always be different. And every story will come with its own awesome moments and its own challenges. There will never come a time when a writer lands a gig that only requires them to retype the same thing they wrote before. Copy-paste is not what this job is about.

So, that old adage about writing a project – a spec, a pilot, a novel, etc. – that is the same but different applies to more than just developing your own material as a writer. It also applies to the process and work of a freelance assignment.

The real challenge is finding a way to take the part that’s different and learn something from it. You have to continue to grow as a writer because after you spend the paycheck, that lesson is the real reward you get to keep.


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