Waiting or the Ripe Fruit Theory

Hollywood is a strange town when it comes to timing. There’s always a lot of waiting. And you can wait a long time. Then, after so much waiting, you wait some more.


All this waiting is like buying and selling fruit.

Tasty Fruit

When buying, you wait and wait for fruit to ripen and go on sale. There are many reasons your favorite fruit–strawberries, bananas, kiwi, whatever–may currently be at an astronomical price. The fruit could be out of season, maybe there was a poor crop, or perhaps the weather caused a beetle infestation that ate everything before you could.

When selling, you just hope to unload all the ripe fruit you spent months growing before it goes bad…and you want to get the best price you can for it.

Now when fruit goes on sale, you want to hurry up and buy all of it at a great price. However, you can only stock up on so much fruit at one time because it will quickly rot in your non-air conditioned LA apartment. Next thing you know, you’re surrounded by fruit flies and bad smells.

It appears that script buyers view things in an oddly similar way. They don’t want to pay too much or be stuck with a script that starts to go bad and rot in development in their office. If you ever saw script flies swarm an assistant’s desk, you’d be wary, too.

Unfortunately, there can be many reasons your writing product may not currently be in demand. Your spec might not be the current hot genre, perhaps the characters don’t mesh with the bankable actors currently available, or maybe your story is in the wrong budget range. Just how a farmer can’t control the weather, a writer can’t control the market place.

However, writers and farmers can control how hard they choose to work to grow and write the best product possible. So find the right tools, the best patch of soil, and all the other ways you can extrapolate this metaphor and put in the hard work now. Sooner or later your script will be ripe and you could win the county fair–with a cash prize and a blue ribbon!

Thankfully for writers, our product continues to hold out the hope of one day finding the right buyer. All the left over pumpkins after Halloween aren’t so lucky.

Time to get back to farming–I mean writing.


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