Guard the Clock

Sooner or later, as your life gets busy and more things are demanded of you, there will come a time when you must guard the clock. You must protect your writing time. No matter what, if you give away that time, you will no longer be a writer. That is the fastest way to having once been a writer.


With an eye on protecting my writing time, I made a difficult decision between my two job offers. The new job offer was simply too demanding on the clock. I would have been at work all the time. I wouldn’t have time to write my own material, and just as importantly I wouldn’t have time to do any freelance work. Honestly, I may not have even had time to shower on a regular basis if I had taken that job.

So, in order to save my marriage from a quick downward spiral of bad smells, and to protect my writing career, I am happy to report that I am still a writers’ assistant on an animated series.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s bath time.


Baths are relaxing.

Don’t judge me.


glorified lollipop tree shaded circle small

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