Double Overtime: Writing Two Assignments at Once

By all appearances, I simply disappeared from this blog for the last two months. Other than trying to update the Recently Lists, I didn’t have any time to post or do much else. Thankfully, I do have a great excuse…

Two Assignments at Once

After a brief dry spell, I landed two freelance scripts at the same time. It has been a challenge to keep up with everything, and I learned a few things along the way. First, let’s cover the obvious…

-You cannot make more hours suddenly appear in a day.

-It is not possible to properly spellcheck a document when sleep deprived.

-Skipping showers and personal hygiene is acceptable when trying to make a deadline. However, it should be noted you will not make any new friends and baristas may consider you homeless and offer free refills out of pity.

While those are all valuable life lessons, there are a few more important things I discovered while desperately trying to keep on schedule. Mostly, I learned more about my personal time management skills. That is, mine are still a work in progress. I did manage to impress myself with the amount of work I was able to complete in a short time. It’s possible to get so much more done than you might imagine with the right motivation…like deadlines tied to paychecks.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to be grateful. Yes–and perhaps the holiday season is influencing me–it sounds mushy, but I am genuinely thankful to have more writing assignments. I’m thankful to be paid to write. I’m thankful to be writing scripts that will be produced. I’m thankful for those who hired me. I’m also thankful for my wonderful wife who put up with my insane schedule and helped take care of so many important things.

Now it’s time to get back to one last deadline.


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