In Search of the Griffin’s Nest

Are you busy this Saturday, June 7th? Do you like Transformers Rescue Bots? Ever wonder where the griffin in Griffin Rock came from?

Well reschedule everything, tune in, and set your devices to record — there’s a new episode of Transformers Rescue Bots airing and I wrote it!

In Search of the Griffin’s Nest will be the 16th episode of season two for Transformers Rescue Bots — and it’s full of adventure, mystery, and talk about strange mythical creatures.

Transformers Rescue Bots - Griffin Rock

Mt. Griffin on the island of Griffin Rock, ME

In Search of the Griffin’s Nest is a different type of story from the last one I wrote (Prescott’s BOTS!), but it’ll be just as much fun! So put on your Lad Pioneer neckerchief, mine is plaid, and watch along with the rest of us.

Remember… If adventure has a name — it must be Cody Burns!

Feel free to find me on twitter (@GloryLollyTree) during the show.


glorified lollipop tree shaded circle small


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