Comic Science Fiction Needs More Love

I am a big science fiction fan and an even bigger fan of funny science fiction. It’s a small group of tales that fall into the area of ‘soft’ sci-fi — or as I like to call it: sci-fi ‘lite’. Unfortunately, the list of well-known stories in this smaller sub-genre is rather short.

Consider what original movies come to mind in the category: Ghostbusters, Men in BlackSpaceballs, Galaxy QuestMars AttacksBack to the Future (which is arguably labeled as ‘funny’), and… I’m already having to put effort into thinking of more titles.

Let’s look at TV series in this sub-genre: Red DwarfFuturama, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and… perhaps Eureka?  Some of these shows aren’t even that well-known to the greater population, which is a real shame. Red Dwarf is an amazing series from the UK.

Only much later did Heatwave realize it was his lucky day.
“What’s with this copper disc?”

I will also gladly put Transformers Rescue Bots into this category. What’s not to love about alien robots trying to understand Earth and human customs — that’s comedy gold! It’s also one of the reasons I love working on the show.

And then there is the top of the sub-genre: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s simply not possible to beat the work of Douglas Adams when trying to tell a funny science fiction story. This is the gold standard.

I only bring this up because these are stories I love — and I want to see more of them in the world. And I believe there is a market for these tales. At the big and overwhelming San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, I looked around for some new comic sci-fi… and I saw a bit here and there. Hopefully next year there might be even more. Did you find any? Please share.

And I guarantee I’ll do my part to contribute. Hopefully there will be more news on this soon.


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