Bot-Tastic Voyage

Before we get to some Transformers Rescue Bots news, I have a very simple question for you —

Do you like donuts?

There really is only one appropriate response to this, and that is a resounding YES because…

Mmm... bacon and donuts...
Special thanks to Mr. Bunty (@BHohlfeld) for this joke!

Secondary acceptable options are pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon (of course), or the ultimate classic — toast.

Now let’s make some plans for this coming Saturday, December 20th. You’re already set with a breakfast food of choice, but you’ll need some proper entertainment while you eat. My recommendation is that you tune into the Discovery Family Channel at 10:30 AM PT (1:30 PM ET) and watch the brand new episode of Transformers Rescue Bots I wrote — Bot-Tastic Voyage!

Due to unfortunate timing, I will be traveling when this episode airs and cannot join you in live viewing. But feel free to ask me questions here or on twitter (@GloryLollyTree) about the episode.

And remember, science fiction is best consumed at breakfast.


glorified lollipop tree shaded circle small

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