A Glorified What?

What is a glorified lollipop tree? Well, first, let me ask another question:

What is a lollipop tree?

Go back a few years to grade school, and remember all the wonderous hours spent coloring and drawing. Think of the wax crayons smearing across the rough construction paper. See the bright colors in your head. Now, what did you like to draw? People, houses, mountains, dinosaurs?

For me it was always trees.

Unfortunately, for the longest time, they were poorly drawn trees. My construction paper always filled up with a forest of basic trees constructed with only a circle and a line. I’ve always known them as lollipop trees because they look more like a lollipop than a tree.


Fortunately, as time passed my drawing skills began to improve. Eventually I found a fun way to draw an improved version of my lackluster lollipop tree.

Thus I created the glorified lollipop tree, which inspired this blog. So…

What is a glorified lollipop tree? glorified lollipop tree shaded circle small

A glorified lollipop tree is the improved version of a basic idea. It’s starting with something simple and making it better. It’s turning the mundane into something special. It’s tapping into your creative bone to produce something fresh, which is what I try to do each time I write.

It’s pretty clear that my drawing skills have their limits. Thankfully, I have found a passion in the written word. It is my hope to produce written stories that stand out from the forest of lollipop tree tales that fill this world.