Bot-Tastic Voyage

Before we get to some Transformers Rescue Bots news, I have a very simple question for you -- Do you like donuts? There really is only one appropriate response to this, and that is a resounding YES because... Secondary acceptable options are pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon (of course), or the ultimate classic -- toast. … Continue reading Bot-Tastic Voyage

Comic Science Fiction Needs More Love

I am a big science fiction fan and an even bigger fan of funny science fiction. It's a small group of tales that fall into the area of 'soft' sci-fi -- or as I like to call it: sci-fi 'lite'. Unfortunately, the list of well-known stories in this smaller sub-genre is rather short. Consider what original movies come to … Continue reading Comic Science Fiction Needs More Love

Writing a… Radio Play?

Several new and interesting projects have strolled into my life recently, and I'm very grateful for each and every one of them. While I cannot yet give details, one assignment was a modern version of an old story format -- the Radio Play. Radio Play? Also known as a radio drama or radio theater, these … Continue reading Writing a… Radio Play?