What have I been up to?

Well, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted any updates here. And that’s because life has been happening. Lots of life. I’ve been staffed and restaffed for several writing jobs. I’ve written quite a bit of freelance gigs. I am now a father. Yes, I have a child who will hopefully one day watch … Continue reading What have I been up to?

A Tale of Two Screenwriters

Screenwriting as a full-time job is often a bit fuzzy as to its exact nature and description. This is likely because it is always somewhat unique to each person that holds the job. Thankfully the internet is here to allow silly folks like myself to share a bit more about what we do as professional … Continue reading A Tale of Two Screenwriters

The Short and Short of It

I remember back in film school that we were often tasked to make short films. I also remember struggling with the point of making a short film. I complained that it wasn't worthwhile to work in that format. "Nobody watches shorts," I'd whine. It turns out that I was completely wrong. A "Perfect" Short In our connected world, people … Continue reading The Short and Short of It

Another Flavor of Transformers

Believe it or not, we live in a magical time. This special moment in history is a period when there are not one, but TWO Transformers shows on television. I know... who would have ever thought something so amazing could happen!? Oh, yeah, that's right... Apparently, Phil (my gnomish assistant) thought it could happen. I just wish … Continue reading Another Flavor of Transformers

Bot-Tastic Voyage

Before we get to some Transformers Rescue Bots news, I have a very simple question for you -- Do you like donuts? There really is only one appropriate response to this, and that is a resounding YES because... Secondary acceptable options are pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon (of course), or the ultimate classic -- toast. … Continue reading Bot-Tastic Voyage