The Short and Short of It

I remember back in film school that we were often tasked to make short films. I also remember struggling with the point of making a short film. I complained that it wasn't worthwhile to work in that format. "Nobody watches shorts," I'd whine. It turns out that I was completely wrong. A "Perfect" Short In our connected world, people … Continue reading The Short and Short of It

Piracy: Set Sail for the Internet

Currently there is a massive debate across the web over intellectual property theft. Or if you wish to set sail on the high seas, most people refer to it as piracy. Arg! Why would you become a pirate?  There are many facets to the arguments about whether the piracy of films, television shows and music … Continue reading Piracy: Set Sail for the Internet

How Things Change

Quickly. Things always seem to change quickly. Over the last few weeks many things have happened, and it’s time to catch up. Employed! Yes, I have a paying job. I was fortunate enough to be hired at the office where I was working as an intern. I’m now an animation production assistant, and it's a … Continue reading How Things Change

The Hub

The search for an internship in Los Angeles now bears fruit. Last Friday, I had an interview at a young production company. Let's just say it went well. Roll the Dice The fun game and toy company Hasbro has expanded its production in the world of entertainment. Within the last year, or so, Hasbro established … Continue reading The Hub