The Art and Life of Imitation

Art imitates life... or life imitates art... It's a classic conundrum however you look at it. And by classic I mean the class of the chicken-and-egg variety. But what did come first? The dragon or the dragon's egg? The garden or the garden gnome? Can we ever know for sure? Mimesis or Anti-Mimesis As a professional maker-upper-of-things, the … Continue reading The Art and Life of Imitation

Bot-Tastic Voyage

Before we get to some Transformers Rescue Bots news, I have a very simple question for you -- Do you like donuts? There really is only one appropriate response to this, and that is a resounding YES because... Secondary acceptable options are pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon (of course), or the ultimate classic -- toast. … Continue reading Bot-Tastic Voyage

Did Cookie Lose His Cool?

One of my all time favorite heroes in life has to be Cookie Monster. Why? Because he's a creature after my own stomach. Our favorite food group is cookies. And cookies are the fuel that drives the creativity in my writing. So, you'll understand my despair, my pain, when I found out the other day … Continue reading Did Cookie Lose His Cool?