Comic Science Fiction Needs More Love

I am a big science fiction fan and an even bigger fan of funny science fiction. It's a small group of tales that fall into the area of 'soft' sci-fi -- or as I like to call it: sci-fi 'lite'. Unfortunately, the list of well-known stories in this smaller sub-genre is rather short. Consider what original movies come to … Continue reading Comic Science Fiction Needs More Love

Twitter Tales

I joined Twitter some time ago, and for no particular reason. Mostly, I was just curious about microblogging and how it fit into my experience with the internet. For the first while, I was completely unsure what to do with my Twitter account, @GloryLollyTree. Like many others, I began with overwrought thoughts and random pointless … Continue reading Twitter Tales

Holiday Ghost Town

It's a strange week in Hollywood. It's the week where LA seems... different. The Hollywood Ghost Town  This week before the winter holidays (Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus, and New Years Eve) always makes LA seem vacant. School is out, both the universities and the grade schools. People travel to exotic locales - people, not me. And, … Continue reading Holiday Ghost Town

Unusual Good Tidings

Every Wednesday I make an attempt to Tweet Unusual Good Tidings, which immediately brings us to the question, "What is that all about?" Well, first, please feel free to follow me (@GloryLollyTree) and read some past Unusual Good Tidings. It Started with Elbows  When I first signed up for a Twitter account, I honestly had … Continue reading Unusual Good Tidings