A Tale of Two Screenwriters

Screenwriting as a full-time job is often a bit fuzzy as to its exact nature and description. This is likely because it is always somewhat unique to each person that holds the job. Thankfully the internet is here to allow silly folks like myself to share a bit more about what we do as professional … Continue reading A Tale of Two Screenwriters

Prescott’s BOTS!

After a long wait, the first episode of Transformers Rescue Bots that I ever wrote has finally been announced! Prescott's BOTS! will be the seventh episode of season two. Mark your calendars and set your DVR's for Saturday, April 5, 2014. In fact, record all the reruns so you can catch up on the entire … Continue reading Prescott’s BOTS!

Day Job: Script Coordinator

While I've been busy writing, I also continue to maintain my day job as a... Script Coordinator  Previously, I talked about working in animation as a production assistant. I was fortunate enough to move from that position up the ladder. That's right, somebody decided to promote me. Why? I didn't ask; I just said, "Thank … Continue reading Day Job: Script Coordinator

Day Job: Animation Production Assistant

My first official job in the Hollywood machine was as an animation production assistant. So, what exactly does that job entail? Let's start with what is a... Production Assistant  Entry level job. That's the key thing to know about any job labeled as production assistant, often called a PA. It's key because being a production … Continue reading Day Job: Animation Production Assistant