Aspiring Screenwriters: Day Jobs

"So, you want to be a screenwriter?" That's likely one of the things you'll hear from a concerned parent or skeptical math professor if you decide to go to film school while two years deep in an engineering program. The question comes with confusion and condescension, and it's often followed up with, "How will you … Continue reading Aspiring Screenwriters: Day Jobs

The Hub

The search for an internship in Los Angeles now bears fruit. Last Friday, I had an interview at a young production company. Let's just say it went well. Roll the Dice The fun game and toy company Hasbro has expanded its production in the world of entertainment. Within the last year, or so, Hasbro established … Continue reading The Hub

Fashionably Early

As the search for an internship in the film business continues, I'm happy to say I've had a couple of interviews. While I have interviewed for many other jobs in the past, it's been a rather different experience here in Los Angeles. What to Wear? This has been a big question among my circle of … Continue reading Fashionably Early