A Tale of Two Screenwriters

Screenwriting as a full-time job is often a bit fuzzy as to its exact nature and description. This is likely because it is always somewhat unique to each person that holds the job. Thankfully the internet is here to allow silly folks like myself to share a bit more about what we do as professional … Continue reading A Tale of Two Screenwriters

Post Follow Up Gig Thoughts

It has been several weeks since I completed my most recent freelance writing assignment. Since then, I've been busy with other things, but now seems like a good time for my -- Post Assignment Thoughts  This was my second freelance writing gig and it was a bit different from my first... but it was also … Continue reading Post Follow Up Gig Thoughts

The Dreaded Hiatus

TV lovers know there is a long break between the seasons of a show appearing on their television screens. In television production, that long wait is not merely a frustrating time to search through reruns or catch up on that never-ending Netflix instant queue. Rather, that break between seasons is known in the production world … Continue reading The Dreaded Hiatus