Double Overtime: Writing Two Assignments at Once

By all appearances, I simply disappeared from this blog for the last two months. Other than trying to update the Recently Lists, I didn't have any time to post or do much else. Thankfully, I do have a great excuse... Two Assignments at Once After a brief dry spell, I landed two freelance scripts at … Continue reading Double Overtime: Writing Two Assignments at Once

Landing the Follow Up Gig

This holiday season has been spectacular for many reasons. I've been busy, happy and most importantly of all I've been... Writing on Assignment  I've landed a second freelance writing gig! This new assignment is for the same great project as my previous writing gig. Just like before, I cannot really say much about the writing … Continue reading Landing the Follow Up Gig

Post Assignment Thoughts

I recently finished my first professional screenwriting assignment, so let me answer the big question... How Was the Assignment? Truthfully it was all the things I had hoped: challenging, fun, lots of typing, exciting, hard work, tough decisions, and at the end--a paycheck! It's surprising how motivations change when other people are asking you to … Continue reading Post Assignment Thoughts

A Working Writer

So... where have I been for the last while? Clearly I haven't been here, and clearly you haven't either. But, that's okay. I'm sure we've both been busy. But, now I'm back. While I was busy ignoring this blog, I was also busy being-- A Working Writer  That's right, I'm now a paid working screenwriter! … Continue reading A Working Writer

A Sense of Accomplishment

It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’ve finished a scene, a page, a draft or an entire project. That moment when you type the final word, the final period, brings relief and a wondrous sense of accomplishment. It’s the point when you feel a need to stand proudly, look around, and exclaim, “look at … Continue reading A Sense of Accomplishment

The Unglamorous Golden Rat Race

Everyone, except a few unwired mountain hermits, watches TV and movies. This makes aspiring to write for the screen somewhat glamorous. Unfortunately, glamour will only go so far. The Rat Race Working towards any aspiration means that sooner or later you have to leave the mountains, slather on the elbow grease, and join the rat … Continue reading The Unglamorous Golden Rat Race