Unusual Good Tidings

Every Wednesday for two years, I tweeted Unusual Good Tidings, which immediately brings us to the question, “What is that all about?” For the full back story, see the original explanation.

Unusual Good Tidings glorified lollipop tree shaded circle small

  • From 2011
  • From 2012
  • [01/02/2013] “That has to be the stickiest resolution of the new year.”
  • [01/09/2013] “My that is some dense fog rolling in.”
  • [01/16/2013] “Your poutine has lovely curds.”
  • [01/30/2013] “Love those shiny staples.”
  • [01/30/2013] “Jury duty? That’s my favorite!”
  • [02/06/2013] “That is one sexy font.” http://quoteunquoteapps.com/courierprime/
  • [02/13/2013] “This pocket lint is absolutely superb.”
  • [02/20/2013] “That’s an amazing hue of ear wax. What do you call it?”
  • [02/27/2013] “I love that wrinkle in your poster.”
  • [03/06/2013] “Your cafe has the most eclectic menu.”
  • [03/20/2013] “This soup has great crunchiness.”
  • [03/20/2013] “That is by far the most amazing bottle cap collection I have ever seen.”
  • [03/27/2013] “It impressive how well you harmonize with that dental drill.”
  • [04/03/2013] “You have nice paper clipping form.”
  • [04/10/2013] “Now THAT is a classy ice cube tray.”
  • [04/17/2013] “That’s a mighty fine ladder.”
  • [04/24/2013] “Your pump really sucks.”
  • [05/01/2013] “That store sells the best underwater-conversion-kit for your microwave on the market.”
  • [05/08/2013] “That’s a mighty fine bucket.”
  • [05/15/2013] “That was the sickest fire drill ever!”
  • [05/22/2013] “Your stems have great apples.”
  • [05/29/2013] “Your umbrella helmet is just adorable.”
  • [06/05/2013] “Nice anklet.”
  • [06/12/2013] “Your ray gun really sparkles in this light.”
  • [06/26/2013] “You’re the best pastry scalper I’ve ever met.”
  • [06/26/2013] “That is one amazing cronut.”

Feel free to share your Unusual Good Tidings with me on Twitter @GloryLollyTree.


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