Unusual Good Tidings 2011

  • [05/18/2011] “May you find one extra sock on laundry day.”
  • [05/25/2011] “Your car runs quite well, even in two pieces.”
  • [06/02/2011] “You have a lovely left ear. Do you paint?”
  • [06/08/2011] “Thank you for the wonderful meal. Do you borrow all your recipes from the prison cafeteria?”
  • [06/15/2011] “May luck always be on your side. No, not that side, the other side.”
  • [06/22/2011] “May you always have exact change.”
  • [06/30/2011] “May your grass always be greener. Now, where do you want it installed in this studio apartment?”
  • [08/31/2011] “May fortune smile upon you. You know, that creepy ‘I see you’ smile.”
  • [09/14/2011] “Good luck with your… hair transplant.”
  • [10/26/2011] “You have lovely elbow skin.”
  • [11/09/2011] “Congratulations on your promotion! I didn’t know you could climb up the ladder at a funeral home.”
  • [11/16/2011] “May you win every shuffle board game for the rest of your life. How is the competition at this nursing home?”
  • [12/14/2011] “You have the sweetest cat, Mr. Schrödinger.”
  • [12/21/2011] “My friend, those are the best antlers I’ve ever seen.”
  • [12/28/2011] “Goodbye Old Year!”

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